BisLenz 2023 – A New Era of Knowledge Management and BI Solutions

The year 2022 was a time of strong growth for BisLenz. We have managed to successfully establish a strong position as a data management software platform. This has been especially true within the domestic tourism industry in Finland where the vast majority of regional organizations now make extensive use of the platform. Some of the more notable onboardings from throughout the year have been: Ruka-Kuusamo, Himos-Jämsä, Visit Karelia and most recently the tourism bureau of the City of Helsinki which joined us in late autumn.

An ecosystem has quickly developed around BisLenz, within which, members now not only share some key data between themselves, but are also passing on their skills & industry knowledge. Everyone benefits from common solutions and operating models when development is faster and more cost-effective and in this datahub environment, in addition to the standard users themselves, there are numerous information producers, for example reservation system providers or data service providers that play this essential role.


Stay ahead of the competition with data dashboards built on simplicity

Tourism is by no means the only industry that benefits from better information management and ease-to-use BI software. Regardless of the industry, company management needs reliable and up-to-date data to support decision-making to continually improve their customer journey. The biggest challenge to this necessity is the ever-increasing scattering of data across numerous systems, which traditionally, requires either a significant amount of manual labor or costly database development. BisLenz has brought a much-needed alternative to traditional, expensive BI projects.

Any company that uses a webstore is now in need of accurate & reliable sales data to properly visualize the whole customer journey. BisLenz now has the ability to automatically import this data directly from both Shopify and WooCommerce platforms. Traditional analytics systems such as Google Analytics no longer have been able to do this reliably due to increasingly restrictive cookie and data protection regulations. Understanding the entire customer journey however increasingly requires more data gathering to understand in an increasingly complex digital environment.

One of the main emerging trends in 2023 is clearly the sharing of this information, not only throughout an organization but also between different organizations. The same information can be processed as is or slightly modified between several parties, and this is to be implemented as cost-effectively as possible. BisLenz has developed exactly these features at the request of customers.

BisLenz’s reports module (Our current working title) is a particularly effective way to produce summaries from various different data sources that can be readily distributed amongst select parties. Several features have been added to the survey tool to add greater flexibility with your survey design, for example; multiple language support and the ability to divide questions between differeny surveys in order to gather data from a range of perspectives which is a particular boon to tour operators.


BisLenz is working with technology partners to expand reporting functionalities

The BisLenz ecosystem is also further expanding to offer data produced by third parties, for example, Salmi Platform Oy provides data from surveys on tourism income, tourist motives and information relating to carbon footprints. The results of these surveys are reported throughout BisLenz which can be combined into the same reporting tools mentioned above.

In cooperation with FlowHouse Oy, selected summaries of content from Global Web Index, an international market research intitute, are offered, and together with Aptual Commerce Oy, summary data is produced for Johku merchants, which helps them position their own business and identify areas for improvement.


GDPR & data collection restrictions

As a reminder, the year 2023 will also bring with it a significant upheaval in web analytics standard practices, which a surprising amount of people have yet to realise. The older version of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) will be decommissioned on 1.7. and will be replaced by version 4 (GA4). It’s important to note that data from Universal Analytics will not be transferred to the new version, so it is best to use the new version alongside the old one for now. Perhaps as a consequence, many users have searched for alternative solutions to Google Analytics and most have ended up with a solution called Matomo. BisLenz now supports all these tools, and we’ve made a concerted effort for users who want to go down the path to adopt Matomo, to make the information as easy as possible to navigate and understand in BisLenz to avoid the necessity of having to learn yet another extensive analytics tool. Additionally, the team at BisLenz offers guides and consultations on the installation, onboarding and use of these tools.


Our promises for the new year

We expect a very eventful and busy year from 2023. Our customers remain the focus of our activities and listening with a sensitive ear, we identify more and more features that make our customers’ everyday life easier and data more readily usable. We will consolidate customer communication in the form of a new customer community and enable even better sharing of ideas, experiences and know-how amongst our users.

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Marko Filenius

Marko Filenius

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