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What’s considered a lot of traffic? Is our region more active than average for Finland?

The core tasks of regional tourism organizations are to increase the visibility of the region’s tourism services and to develop the capacity of regional businesses in an increasingly digital global competitive environment. Ideally, the results of these efforts are actively measured, but it is often a challenge to interpret how the results achieved relate to the rest of the surrounding ecosystem.

The solution we have come up with at Tridea is to share information between regional organizations to benchmark progress and learn from each other. “Benchmark” is a service in the BisLenz platform that is designed to make it easy to share information and learn together.

Initially, the information shared is very limited as it’s a new way of working and may still be unfamiliar to many. Sharing website traffic data is an easy way to start. The important thing is not so much to compare absolute visitor numbers, but more to observe how visitor numbers develop in different areas and where the spikes in visitor numbers come from.

In addition to visitor numbers, information on which countries and markets the visitors come from will be shared. This will quickly show in such future scenarios, for example, the impact of different twists and turns of the pandemic in selected target countries.

The BisLenz Benchmark

The Benchmark suite includes summaries of Visit Finland’s DataHub and STF programme business activity. The map view gives you a quick overview of what the situation looks like in a neighboring county.

Finally, this module monitors the activity of a selected regional organizations’ social media channels (Social Media Listing), how often the regions are communicating to their audiences and how successfully said communication is engaging their audience.

In the same bundle is included a “Social Media Insights” section. Where any Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account can be set to be tracked without any required permissions. If you were, for example, to follow these accounts traditionally through your own personal account, you would either need to have a multitude of tabs open or risk missing important updates due to the fact that our feeds are so often littered with posts from other accounts we are following. Instead, BisLenz lists all the updates from a selected account and individually lists the latest 30 posts with engagement metrics tied to them.

Communication and learning together between regional organizations are supported by a Travel Forum chat section, where you can share ideas with all the other regions in the service or privately with other users.

BisLenz Benchmark can be accessed by giving permission to share visitor data on the website. For BisLenz licensees, the service is included in the monthly fee.

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Marko Filenius

Marko Filenius

Marko Filenius

Marko Filenius