Bislenz helps with B2B information management

Paju Consulting offers consulting, service design and coaching for organizations of all sizes. The people at Paju are easily approachable experts with a lot of experience working with different sectors. Not only do they carry out a given assignment, but the purpose is to understand what goes on behind the company, the people working there and their goals, which results in a close working relationship.

Paju has been one of the pilot users of BisLenz and has utilized it in its operations, while at the same time, sharing their user experience.

Today, many companies have taken over digital marketing and are featured on many social media channels. Yet many companies do not track marketing results or their tracking is very limited. All that is known is whether advertising generated sales or not. The phenomenon is not surprising as it takes a lot of time to learn tools, track campaigns and analyze results. Paju has had similar marketing challenges.


“Our digital marketing is limited with the amount of time, resources and money we can dedicate to it” – Jenni Rissanen, Paju Consulting

In an SME, it’s important to know that good marketing investment target the right channels and actions. One of the favorite features for Paju in BisLenz has become the marketing summary page, as it really helps to understand what the marketing situation is in a summarized view. The summary gathers data from all the data sources used and shows more relevant data such as clickthrough rates, marketing costs, and brand outreach. Additionally, it is also possible to go deeper into the data if more accurate data is desired.


“Before using BisLenz, we didn’t get that overall picture of the marketing situation or its
results” – Jenni Rissanen

A more detailed marketing analysis of Paju revealed that although Paju has the most followers on Instagram, the audience on Facebook is more committed. So users like, comment and otherwise react to Paju’s content more so on Facebook, which improves the company’s credibility. Paju has done search engine optimization and BisLenz was seen to have aided well. Relevant content has risen well in search engine rankings and people end up on their website through it. Now the goal is to do continuous optimization and track how people search for their services.

Currently, BisLenz is with Paju to support business development and its use is the responsibility of one or two people. BisLenz is monitored at least a few times a month and is supports meetings and bigger decisions with the whole team. The team at Paju have provided development ideas to help us continually improve BisLenz and make it more user-friendly all the time.

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Marko Filenius

Marko Filenius

Marko Filenius

Marko Filenius