Case Study: How BisLenz helped Arena Interactive to cut marketing costs and time spent planning

Arena Interactive is a Jyväskylä based B2B SaaS company that provides digital B2C communications and payment solutions that help companies gain new business opportunities and improve their overall customer experience. Arena’s services consist of, among other things, a smart dialog instant messaging platform, mobile applications, and marketing automation. Arena strives for a success story with each of its customers and aims to do so by understanding customer needs, tailoring their services, and working closely together.

Being a digital company, Arena has a variety of social channels in which they communicate their message, CRM data, website traffic data, and ROI. This creates a tricky problem where important data from all these channels are scattered around in different web apps and spreadsheets. With a small marketing team, it can make monitoring the data in real-time a hassle and unrealistic for upper management in their busy day to day.

With these problems to solve, Tridea stepped in to learn about the company’s digital infrastructure and planned an integration of all their data sources into one place which included sales data, social media posts & campaign results, marketing spend, website traffic data and CRM data to name a few.

So now that the data was combined… What then?

Well, BisLenz specializes in translating a lot of marketing-jargon into visualized data dashboards without the need for data analysts to step in. In this case, the CEO was able to easily see in real-time how their digital marketing strategies were performing, i.e., what they were getting as a ROI from their marketing spend. The marketing team were also now able to easily deploy customer satisfaction surveys and monitor all their competitor’s social feeds in a single view all directly through BisLenz.

The real value of these new tools really started to shine when management was able to spot keywords that were underperforming and after some corrections, managed to cut costs by a significant margin while homing in on a more accurate message to their target audience.

“I’m able to just load up the app and quickly see what kind of campaigns we have going on, if our messaging is making conversions, what our competitors are doing and check keywords.”
– Aki Hankaniemi, CEO of Arena Interactive.

From then on, the marketing team was also more easily able to analyze the data and strategize while involving more levels of the organization in the decision-making process. Questions could easily be answered without all the data gathering such as “Should we be changing our ads?” “Do we need to survey our customers?” etc.

“With our modest marketing team, we were able to save huge amounts of time with gathering the data for meetings and planning”
– Aki Hankaniemi, CEO of Arena Interactive

If you would like to hear more about our success story with Arena, or simply want to learn more about BisLenz then don’t hesitate to take contact with one of our BisLenz specialists.

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Benjamin Leary

Benjamin Leary

Benjamin Leary

Benjamin Leary