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Docendo is a medium-sized domestic book publisher, initially known especially as an IT book publisher. Partly for that reason, it has been one of the pioneers of e-commerce and has been running e-commerce since 1994! Over time, e-commerce has undergone a few rounds of reform, while its importance to the entire business has continued to grow.

Our online store is not only a showcase for our readers who buy books, it also communicates what the business is doing and acts as an inspiration for new writers, says CEO Harri Simola.

The online store is only part of the company’s digital presence, it also includes several social media channels as well as active e-mail communication. Customers are reached through many channels, some of them in more than one. Some channels and measures lead more definitively to online sales than others, but how can this be further explored?

Two key challenges have been identified in digital presence management: Data is scattered across different systems and its interpretation requires specific expertise, which is difficult to manage alongside other activities.

Docendo has been strongly developing BisLenz to bring solutions to the above challenges. Docendo have provided feedback and ideas on the basis of which features have been developed and fine-tuned. Above all, through active participation, Docendo employees have gained an even clearer view of their clientele in digital environments. Cold sales figures are now opening up in more detail and the consideration of business development has been taken to a whole new level

Through Bislenz, I get the most important figures from various digital channels with just a few clicks, which would have taken a significant amount of time to go through in the past. Now they can be monitored more actively and the time saved can be used for a more in- depth analysis of the results”,says Communications Manager Veera Tossavainen.

In addition to marketing and communications figures, Docendo’s online store actively collects customer feedback; this too through the BisLenz suite. Customer estimates are then submitted for simultaneous examination with, among other things, sales figures. There is often something valuable to find within a customer’s open feedback.

The most important thing is perseverance, Simola reminds us. Embracing and refining things requires patience and systematic processes. In organizations, perseverance is not always enough if doing it yourself is significantly time consuming. In this respect, BisLenz has made it easy for us and we have taken better control of our digital operations.

In the case of Docendo, BisLenz automatically retrieves readings from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ad campaigns, as well as the results of organic interaction. The readings show how widely the communication has reached the audience and how the audience has responded to it in the form of likes, shares and comments. At the same time, it is also clearly outlined how active one’s own communication and marketing has been in each period. Google’s keyword advertising results are also combined with ad statistics. Google Analytics imports key metrics for e-commerce visitors and purchases. The Google Search Console tells you about your visitors’ keyword behaviour and how strongly your site is performing in search engine. Additionally, customer feedback is collected from the e- commerce customer experience. All of this information can be used simultaneously for management reporting and as background information for the reflection on how the business is developing.

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Tiia Itkonen

Tiia Itkonen

Tiia Itkonen

Tiia Itkonen