How Santa Claus Counts His Elves

Rovaniemi is the capital of the frostbitten, northernmost province of Finland: Lapland. Tucked away just a few kilometers from the city center lies the Santa Claus village where you’ll find a bustling tourism industry built on providing the ultimate christmas experience. Christmas House Santa is a tourism and Christmas experience company that provides its customers with the unique opportunity for children to meet Santa and even receive a personal visit to their cabin. Other wintery attractions include a huskey / reindeer safari, zoo and a northern lights tour.

If there’s one thing the people over at Christmas House Santa excel at, it’s providing a once in a lifetime, magical Christmas experience, but one thing has been made clear to them, and it’s that they’re no data analysts. BisLenz has helped to bridge this gap and provide them with the tools & visualizations they need to understand, from their customer’s perspectives, how effective their online activities are at reaching their audience as well as who that audience actually is.

“BisLenz is easy to use and provides us with on-demand reporting of our performance in real time” – Olli Lehtoniemi at Christmas House Santa.


When the coronavirus pandemic swept the world, the tourism industry like many others took a major blow, but as things started to pick up again, there was a noticable shift in the demographics of Christmas House Santa’s audience. Historically, most of the tourists interested in Lapland’s tourism hotspots had been domestic, whereas for the past year, German tourists have quickly became their primary audience.


“This is something we noticed using the data gathered by BisLenz that we might have
otherwise missed” – Marko Filenius CEO and Founder of Tridea.


Moving forwards, Christmas House Santa continues to work with BisLenz and monitor their audience closely to keep up with any potential major shifts and adapt their messaging accordingly.

See the benefits on how you can stay on top of changing trends with a free BisLenz trial.

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Tiia Itkonen

Tiia Itkonen

Tiia Itkonen

Tiia Itkonen