I know what you marketed last summer…

Time is a fascinating and challenging variable. How well we remember some insignificant detail from our childhood years and how easily we forget what we did the day before.

When analyzing and planning marketing, time and period are essential aspects. We can easily see what the situation looks like right now, this week or this month. Most analytics and marketing tools automatically provide a comparison period of figures with the previous corresponding period. If you are looking at the current week, the results are then compared to the previous week.

Many businesses have clear seasons, so it would make more sense to compare results to the previous corresponding season rather than the previous point in time. Campaigns are often built up from simultaneous communication across multiple channels, so it can be very difficult to get an overall picture in a short space of time. The data is scattered across different systems and to get comparative information requires defining the time in the reporting view each time.

A typical situation for an online retailer, for example, is to look at the sales figures for the current month and wonder why sales seem to be slower than the previous month. Concrete questions in the mind of the online retailer might be: What are all the marketing activities we have done this month? How do they differ from last month and the same month last year?

Campaign timeline in BisLenz

BisLenz approaches the described customer needs through a timeline. It brings all digital marketing channels together into a single timeline. You can see which campaigns are on Facebook, Google or LinkedIn right now, pull back the timeline a few weeks or go directly to the corresponding date in the previous year.

Using the same principle, you can see on a day-by-day basis what activities your organization has had on different social media channels, how many updates have been made and how they have reached your customers’ eyes.

For advertising campaigns, you can drill down into the details with a single click and similarly see the content of the updates you’ve made and how they’ve engaged your audience. BisLenz presents comparative figures in the same way as other similar tools, but with one click you can change the comparison period to the same time last year.

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Marko Filenius

Marko Filenius

Marko Filenius

Marko Filenius