Lapland becomes a data driven travel destination

Four major travel destinations from Lapland joined forces to learn how they could use data for better decision making. The project objective for Rovaniemi, Ylläs, Levi and Inari-Saariselkä was to learn what they could do to better understand their customers before moving onto developing internal processes for data management and find better tools to support it. Tridea and BisLenz was chosen as the partner for the project.

As Covid-19 was still there, all the workshops had to be run in Teams and Howspace. This turned out completely fine however, and all the participants were very motivated and active during the sessions. The atmosphere was both innovative and fun.

The work started from defining the data needs of a travel destination. The big picture was broken down into practical needs by asking simple questions, what we need to know to make better business, and what data we need to get that knowledge.

The next step was to define how to use the data. Main need was to be up to date on what is going on in our own business, with the customers and with the market in general. Having a clear picture of this enables us to decide what to do next. Another use of the data is clearly analyzing results on a longer term.

The process development in the project included defining reporting practices: To whom, how often, and which tools to use.

A major part of the project was onboarding of BisLenz for all four destinations. Between the workshops destination were able to monitor their own data more in detail than ever before. Based on the experiences rose some development ideas for the platform that were implemented during the project.

Destinations also decided to share data between each other. They saw that sharing is more valuable than just keeping all the data for yourself. BisLenz made it easy to create a shared view of any chosen dataset.

Now that international travel is finally opening back up, it is vital to know what customers do and how marketing activities perform. All four destinations now have much better capability to do that, both through processes and the tools they use. Yet the journey is long and there is lots more that could be developed further.

There are lots features in BisLenz that are not utilized yet and developing together with users makes it even better solution for travel destinations.

Read more about the project from Visit Rovaniemi website (in finnish).

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Tiia Itkonen

Tiia Itkonen

Tiia Itkonen

Tiia Itkonen