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BisLenz 2022

Year 2021 was a remarkable success for BisLenz. It has been welcomed by many organizations to bring all their essential data into a platform that provides visualizations and simple, easy-to-use dashboards. Yet, the journey of BisLenz is just beginning. In this article, we’ll let you know what to expect throughout the year and provide insight on how the platform will continue develop.


eCommerce Integrations

BisLenz currently already integrates with the Shopify eCommerce platform. BisLenz can scrape your sales & marketing data and immediately provide the visualizations you need to draw comparisons. This is intended to give you an understanding of your performance & profit against expenses from your ecommerce. We’re excited to announce that WooCommerce will soon enough also be supported, keep an eye out for the upcoming announcement through our social feeds @bislenz.


Custom Data

BisLenz users want to rid themselves of the countless excel sheets that are unfortunately necessary for collecting such data that you can’t get from any other system. Since this is something worth saving and reporting, BisLenz supplies forms to input such custom data. Once the data is available in the shared database, it is then easy to add in monthly reports.


Reporting Features

All managers and management teams at some point or another need to report further about the results of their work. Usually, these kinds of reports need to be simple summaries of all the data available. BisLenz offers a new reporting feature that allows the user to define A4 type summaries from all the data available in the system, simplified and shareable to a specified audience.


AI Features in Predictive Analytics

BisLenz is already managing vast amounts of data. This created the perfect environment to develop and adopt Artificial Intelligence features. Predictive modelling can create a sales prediction on the fly based on marketing metrics you choose. After running the model, you’re able to immediately assess another with new parameters. Usually preparing these kinds of models can take days but with BisLenz, you can run new models in minutes.

Text analysis is used to help with managing customer feedback which can also be added with social media comments as well. The Ai engine will result sentiment and classification of the content available.


Custom Surveys

BisLenz also supplies powerful survey tools for customer feedback. With the visual survey builder, you can create your own surveys and share them in your website or via email. You’re able to keep track of the results from all these surveys, wherever they’re deployed, directly from the BisLenz interface.


BisLenz Benchmark

A completely new service for Travel destination companies will be launched this February. “BisLenz Benchmark” allows travel destination companies to share and benchmark their website visitor statistics, as well as their social media channel activity. It also supplies data from each region about Visit Finland’s Datahub activity and Sustainable development process.

This is only what we are working on for the near future. We carefully listen and take all feedback into account from our customers & partners and continue to monitor the digital ecosystem around us to make BisLenz better at giving you the Data You Love.

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Benjamin Leary

Benjamin Leary

Benjamin Leary

Benjamin Leary