Social Monitoring Wizardry – An Introduction

Why is it wizardry? Well if you’ve ever had to ask what’s happening on social media right now? What are our competitors and partners communicating and how are their customers reacting? What can we learn from others? etc. You’ve likely also had to monitor all these accounts, which means you’re also guilty of having loads of tabs open simultaneously… There’s a better way:

Most companies that are active on social media are present on several channels at the same time. We can follow different brands either through our own personal or company accounts, however, it is difficult to get an overall picture because we never see all the communication from a particular company. Instead, we only see a few updates on our own screen at a time. This gets a little more complicated the when you throw more accounts into the mix.

BisLenz makes it easy to monitor any social media accounts by allowing you to add feeds using just the social media alias, for example, “@BisLenz” and requires no external permissions.

Social media monitorin feed view

All updates from the selected accounts are scrollable and for each update you can see the results of how many likes and shares it has received as well as interact with the posts directly from BisLenz. The statistics section presents the latest 30 posts in a sortable table view and highlights the three most liked with the added benefit of being able to open a post of particular interest in a new tab.

Social media monitoring statistics view

The Social Media Insights section can be used in many different ways:

To find out what’s happening on the site & what’s being talked about

What’s going on? What’s happening? What issues are they highlighting, how other users are reacting and commenting and what topics come up in conversations.

What your competitors are doing

Monitor the communications of your main competitors. What they are saying about their own activities and services. What are their customers commenting on & what they like. Use the information to find out how you can respond to the issues they raise.

Stay informed about what you’re getting back from your partners

Monitor your agreed influencer partners, how they are implementing agreed actions, how the public is reacting to their message. How does your brand blend in with other communications from that influencer?

Synchronize your network collaboration

Track the actors in your network. You can easily co-ordinate joint communications and increase the visibility of your brands by actively linking, sharing and liking publications.

Bislenz’s Social Media Insights section makes active monitoring of selected social media channels a breeze and when you combine the customer and industry insights you gain through this with the other data BisLenz provides, you can take comfort in that you’re making better business decisions knowing you’re backed by real data.

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Marko Filenius

Marko Filenius

Marko Filenius

Marko Filenius