Business to business sales is driven by data


Sales and marketing for business to business companies has moved rapidly into digital channels. It’s not for only consumers anymore, but business decision makers are surfing through digital channels to learn about companies, their services and the teams behind them.

So it is crucial to understand how your company performs in various digital channels, how your customers react into your communications and which channels to prefer when operating your marketing with limited resources.

Bislenz gives visibility to the whole customer journey across numerous channels. There is no need to bounce from one platform to another, but all of that is available in Bislenz dashboards with one or two clicks.

Companies in the B2B market using Bislenz have found it useful for daily and weekly controlling of marketing activities. It has been used in meetings to quickly visualize where the business is at the moment and what should be done next.

At these meetings a very valuable source of information has been the customer feedback collected with the Bislenz survey tools. Before this, the data has been a lot more difficult to analyze with it has being buried inside separate survey tools. Now all the valuable data is available easily.

Happy Bislenz users among B2B companies include Arena Interactive and Paju Consulting.

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