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Data management software solution


BisLenz is a digital analytics service built by Tridea that helps businesses and
online stores improve the customer experience by bringing all the data they need,
into one view.

Why BisLenz?

Business-critical information is scattered across dozens of different systems, so we bring all the essential information into one system so that management can make better decisions.

With BisLenz, you get an overview of your business and digital accessibility with a few clicks. BisLenz compiles data from numerous systems, especially from digital channels, into one system. The data is compiled into clear dashboard views. For example, you can view results from the customer journey perspective, a timeline or an individual channel’s perspective while taking into account the management summary with its KPIs.

BisLenz also offers versatile survey tools to measure the customer experience.

We connect the data sources and after the next night’s data run, the system is at your disposal. So you don’t need any technical or analytical skills, you can go straight to analyzing and leveraging the data.

BisLenz for Online Merchants

How do you increase e-commerce sales? Outline your customer journey from marketing communications to purchase and referral. Analyze what works best in marketing and where your business bottlenecks are located.

BisLenz for Travel Companies

Where and how do you reach domestic and international tourists? Understand customer paths, customer behaviour, and experiences within the digital ecosystem of tourism.

BisLenz for B2B companies

How do you best reach your potential customers and how do you ensure the you’re getting the best results from your marketing communications? See your marketing operations as a whole and get valuable customer feedback as part of your overall business development.

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What Our Customers Say


“With BisLenz, we have a clearer picture of how our marketing strategies have been generated into leads and then into buying customers.”

Anni Nyyssönen

Marketing manager at Arena Interactive

“Before we were using BisLenz, we didn’t have an overall picture of the marketing situation or its results”

Jenni Rissanen

CEO of Paju Consulting

Through BisLenz, I get the most important figures from various digital channels with just a few clicks, which would have taken a significant amount of time to go through in the past”

Harri Simola

CEO of Docendo