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Customer Experience Suite

“Listen to your customers in various touchpoints throughout the customer journey and learn from them


Bislenz Customer Experience Suite is designed to help your general customer experience and consists of three main modules: The Customer Journey View, The Customer Feedback Toolkit and The Marketing Performance Summary.

To know how your brand is reaching your customers and how they’re engaging with it, you need the data. To achieve better reach, you must continuously analyze your marketing performance data to see if your actions have had the desirable outcomes. To understand your customer’s true feelings, likes and dislikes, you have to provide easy ways to provide feedback in addition to having adequate tools to analyze the content.

Customer Experience is much more than just an NPS survey once or twice a year. You should understand how your customers navigate along the customer journey and how they feel at each touchpoint. Where do you succeed? And where can you do better?

Customer Feedback Toolkit

The more feedback you receive from customers, the easier it will be for you to develop your business. Customers now however, speak out less because they don’t feel as though their feedback will have any significant impact and so, they simply take their business elsewhere.

Businesses need simple and easy to use tools in order to properly ”hear” their customers. These tools have to have the capability to process and analyze the feedback they’re given whilst maintaining the ability to properly react to this feedback.

Bislenz provides a set of tools that help to better reach out to your customers. Surveys are conducted over several touch points throughout the Customer Journey. These surveys utilize global standard methodologies such as Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Score. These combined methodologies come together to provide a unique insight into the customer experience.

Bislenz makes use of AI to analyze the large amount of data in order to categorize your business’ feedback. This frees up more time for planning future activities that matter for customer satisfaction.


Customer Journey View

Tools such as Google Analytics tells you what the customers were doing on your websites, however, what it doesn’t tell you is, what happened before that and what the customer did afterwards. Now, you do have this data, but it is hidden in numerous systems and platforms. Bislenz puts together a summary of this hidden data saving a significant amount of time.

Bislenz brings different data sources together to present a clear, single Customer Journey View. In this view, you can see how well you reach your customer in different social media and marketing channels as well as how converts website visitors to buying customers. Here you can also see what feedback they give and how they share their experiences in different channels.

It’s important to note that Google Analytics can be poor at reporting accurate E-Commerce sales. For this reason, Bislenz has built in integrations to several E-Commerce and booking systems to provide you with numbers you can trust.

Marketing Performance Summary

Effective digital marketing campaigns are run through multiple different channels such as social media, search engines and display marketing for example. Managing multiple campaigns can be time consuming and at times, difficult.

Bislenz brings all these digital marketing channels together and provides the numbers in a clear and easy to read format. These numbers include figures from reach, clicks, conversions and money spent. You can also see the data from all these channels in a visual timeline making it easy to understand what happened and when it happened in any defined time.


Travel Experience Suite


The Travel Experience Suite is specifically designed for the travel and tourism industry. Understanding customer behavior and your own performance is key to succeeding in the tourism field.

In addition to the Travel Experience Suite, Bislenz’s main modules also serve the needs of travel and tourism companies. Like other companies, they need to understand the whole Customer Journey to fully realize what makes their marketing effective and what their customers think and feel about the experiences. The key piece of software for travel organizations is their booking systems, many of which have integrations with Bislenz.

There is a large amount of global travel data available that is used for benchmarking and estimating global demand. This data is organized in a travel specific module in Bislenz.

The Bislenz Travel Experience Suite and supporting services are provided for travel and tourism customers by FlowHouse, a tourism destination development specialist.

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