Success in e-commerce is based on your understanding of the data about your customers


As an e-commerce merchant your main objective is to make better sales and profit. To do that, you need to better understand your customers, their behavior, needs and experiences and how your communication reaches them.

Digital communication, whether it is advertising or just posting current news in social media, is fragmented amongst several digital platforms. Any of them could and should be for you a source for buying customers. The challenge is how to manage the variety of channels with limited time resources.

Bislenz brings the facts of all those channels available with just one or two clicks. You can see how your sales are affected by your marketing efforts. Which channels or campaigns work the best and where you can improve. You can even monitor your competitors and how they communicate with their customers.

Bislenz also provides powerful tools for customer surveys. Yes, there are several very good tools available on the market, but retrieving that data for analysis can prove to be difficult. With Bislenz that data is available along with all the other types of data as well. Instead of searching through and organizing data, you can spend your valuable hours analyzing it and deciding what to do next.

Read how Docendo has been using Bislenz to learn about their customers in their online book shop. Docendo leads their online bookstore with data -blog.

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