Travel Organizations on the road towards knowledge based management


Bislenz is widely used and highly appreciated amongst travel organizations. Several “Visit” organizations around Finland have actively partnered in developing the platform to solve the challenges they all face in managing travel related data.

The main challenge travel organizations face is the amount and variety of data they need to understand to know what is happening in the travel ecosystem. The number of data sources and systems behind them makes the usage of the data very complicated and time consuming. It also requires technical knowledge that is not available from the organization’s staff.

With Bislenz many travel organizations have taken a giant leap towards data driven business planning and management. They have been able to visualize the most important data inside a single system. No need to bounce from one system to another, but all that data is accessible with only one or two clicks. That data includes sales data from various travel booking systems. Bislenz connects into Bokun, Johku, Winres and Hotellinx reservation systems. This means sales data can be connected with marketing data for analysis.

Using the same platforms also allows travel organizations to easily share data for benchmarking. Those “Visit” organizations in the north and in the southwest of Finland are sharing website visitor data to learn from each other. This trend is getting stronger around the country and most likely more visit organizations will join in sharing their data.
For Visit organizations, Bislenz also provides dozens of data modules tailored for travel related data that can’t be retrieved automatically at a reasonable cost. However, this data is important to be stored and shared among the different stakeholders. This is solved by providing manual input forms and reporting dashboards based on that data.

Happy Bislenz users amongst travel organizations include: Visit Rovaniemi, Visit Levi, Visit Naantali, Natura Viva.

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