In addition to BisLenz, we also offer a range of extra services to get you started and help improve your future decision making.


Helping organizations implement the BisLenz package to their individual use cases i.e what data they need, while also providing insight on how to retrieve that data necessary to define key performance indicators.

Make the most of your BisLenz experience
New to BisLenz? Want a truly customized onboarding experience?

Onboarding any new software can be a stressful time, especially if you have a lot of
existing platforms for your BisLenz. The professionals here at Tridea offer to make this time simplified and customized to your needs.

Our Auditing package includes:
Tag Manager setup and configuration
Facebook pixel setup and configuration
Google Ads and Search Console configuration
Defining goals for visitor tracking
Goal configuration

With this package you can expect to have your goals defined, all of the above technical steps taken care of by the BisLenz team along with any associated documentation.


Often times an organization is responsible for reporting to key stakeholders. There may be a range of stakeholders that may want different datasets which will require custom reporting methods that are not supplied by BisLenz by default.

How can Tridea help?
As industry professionals, we understand that this is not a straightforward process and can be very time consuming. Our custom reporting solutions have been designed to improve the flow and presentation of information for our users.

Tridea can help by working with you to define the target recipients, what datasets they require, how you would like this information to be presented or visualized and the mode of which / how often the final reports should be delivered.

The result of this package is seamless custom reporting to your individual stakeholders.


Custom Reporting

Data Strategy

Feel confident in your decision making

Now that you have the data at hand, being able to interpret to lead decision making is crucial to a company’s success. Helping organizations to make better business decisions driven by data is the core of what Tridea does.

Whether it’s about the customer experience or how you can improve your marketing performance on Facebook, the objective of this package is to understand the possibilities of data and knowledge management to analyze the current situation and outline a concrete roadmap for operations in the future. This process / roadmap will include tools and technologies to be used as well as process development to ensure good results.

The process we lead consists of 3 workshops and final development plan documentation, these workshops are intended to achieve the following:

  • Workshop 1:
    • Business and data: Define what data we need to run a better business and what data is already available
  • Workshop 2:
    • Knowledge Management Process: To whom? When and how? Stakeholders & tools
  • Workshop 3:
    • Turn your objectives into KPIs & Utilize tools to support the processes

You can learn more about how our experts have helped numerous DMO’s around
Finland with their data strategies and how they’re progressing in our blog section →
Lapland becomes a data driven travel destination 


We design workshops that aim to assist your organization in forming clear, actionable methods for utilizing your data better. A well designed starting point helps your company to start its own journey in data & knowledge based management.

Our approach:
We provide a half-day workshop that gets your company integrated with the Howspace co-creation platform to facilitate this planning while getting you started with documentation and a laid-out simple task list.

Howspace is an AI-powered digital collaboration tool that allows you to work together on projects from anywhere whether online or offline.

Tridea has delivered numerous workshops for a variety of organizations that have helped them to get started in their own data management solutions. Our consultants will work closely with you to create an understanding what can be done, how others that have already done it and how you can do it yourselves using the Howspace environment.


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