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The Challenge: Helsinki, as the superior travel destination in the country, is coordinated by the Tourism and Destination Management organization within the city administration. Operational responsibilities are distributed among several individuals across various city departments. However, travel-related data remains fragmented across numerous platforms and formats, lacking standardization. Currently, the most effective way to manage and share this data is through Excel spreadsheets.

The Solution: In May 2023, a customized software solution named DataLokki was launched, built on the BisLenz platform.

The primary motivation behind DataLokki was to create an environment where all travel-related data could be collected, organized, visualized, and shared—not only within the city organization but also with other stakeholders.

Collecting diverse travel data necessitated several integrations and alternative methods. Integrations were established with public data sources such as, the events database provided by the City of Helsinki, and digital platforms like Matomo and Facebook. Manual data input forms replaced numerous Excel sheets that previously stored data in non-digital formats. Additionally, survey tools were employed to collect experience data from travelers.

Organizing this vast amount of data resulted in a structured theme-based menu and 50 dashboards for visualizing all the collected information.

Data sharing occurs through the publication of the most relevant metrics on a public dashboard at The most active travel organizations in the Helsinki area are coordinated under the Helsingin Tekijät network. Network members have access to a significant portion of the stored data.

Developing DataLokki has been akin to an adventure—constantly encountering new challenges and unexplored territory. Occasionally, ideas don’t pan out, requiring alternative approaches.

For a small organization with a substantial client base, the original project was extremely challenging. However, it would not have been possible without the innovative approach offered by DataLokki.


Photo: Kari Ylitalo

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Aki Hankaniemi

Aki Hankaniemi

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Aki Hankaniemi

Aki Hankaniemi

aki.hankaniemi(at), +358407259479