Business management is all about making decisions, big or small, constantly. Effective decision making requires, that the most critical facts are collected side by side to create a big picture for decision makers.

The target is that you can clearly and visually see how efficient the different areas of your business are.

What is BisLenz?

Your Strategy turns into results through series of decisions made by individuals in all levels of the organizations. Make sure they all have the best possible data avalailabe when they need, how they need it, where they need. BisLenz makes it easy and cost effective for you.

How it works?

It supports the whole decision-making process and all business processes by collecting, organizing and visualizing, reporting and sharing any chosen data.

For a management team or board meeting the data is available automatically in one single dashboard providing the members a possibility to interact and communicate with the content.

BisLenz is Your Solution When…?

🚫You don’t need another BI project!🚫

✅BisLenz does this automatically!✅

You can connect multiple readymade data sources, input data manually or collect it from desired target groups.

The data is saved in a centralized data storage and can be utilized effectively for different reporting needs.

The raw data is generally collected in various ways and must be cleaned & organized for the actual purpose, this is done automatically in BisLenz!
BisLenz allows every organization to use their own structure, menus and titles.

There are dozens of dashboard templates available that are ready to use in the blink of an eye. However, custom dashboards can be built using any data element.

Any data, collected in any possible way, can be visualized the same way as any other data and also shared in the same way – this makes BisLenz a powerful tool for business decision making.
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As some data is more sensitive than others, you are free to decide who sees what data and generate automatic reports, which can be internal or external to the organization.

Each dashboard created can be set as ‘Public’. This means the dashboard gets an encrypted url that can be shared and used as a link on a webpage or to embed the view inside a third party system.
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We cover it all and made it easy to setup, BisLenz is a plug & play system!