An Efficient Customer Journey Mapping Tool

Tracking the customer journey is essential for any business that strives to deliver exceptional experiences and build long-lasting relationships.

By understanding their motivations, a business can craft targeted strategies and easily identify areas for improvement.

Vector image of a team working on their customer journey
Vector image of a team working on their customer journey

An Efficient Customer Journey Mapping Tool

See the Whole User Journey
from a Single View

There’s no longer a need to be spending hours gathering and visualizing data from different platforms to gain a holistic view of the customer journey. With BisLenz, you can explore each touchpoint or interaction your brand has with a customer, from socials to search, all in a single summary view making it easier to identify gaps and areas for improvement.

Dashboard example of the customer journey module in BisLenz that shows some example datasources
Website touchpoint in the customer journey

Deep Insights into Your Customer’s Experience

After attaching the channels your business uses to Bislenz, analyze anything from how well your business gained visibility, how your customers engage with your content, and what ultimately led them to visit your website. You can go into much more depth to a particular segment of your user journey with a few simple clicks and generate reports on-demand.


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