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Online Experience

What do your customers think about your website? How was the experience in your online store? Bislenz provides simple yet extensive survey templates for various digital touch points. Global standard methodologies such as Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Score are used in these templates. Together they provide a comprehensive view of the customer experience in your digital channels.


Online Campaign Summary

You can find all of your online campaign information in a single view. There’s no need to check from one service to another, just select the time period you want to check in the summary.


Social Media Organic Timeline

How active were you last week in different channels? Find out in a timeline that shows each post you made on each social media platform and see how much engagement you were able to gather.


Customer Journey View

Bislenz allows you to examine the whole Customer Journey in a single view rather than spending hours collecting data from all the different systems. See how your brand reached your audience, how they engaged with your message, how many conversions from visitors to customers you got, how your funnel performed and finally, how your customers responded and reacted to your brand.


On-site Experience

Examples of non-digital touch points include service desks and the actual premises of the activity or service. Bislenz provides survey templates for both the Customer Service Experience and One-Site Experience. With these tools you can learn how well your business meets the expectations of your customers. Our surveys are a part of numerous E-Commerce and booking systems and are delivered post-purchase or booking.


Online Campaign Timeline

Want to know what you did last month across your marketing channels? You can find it clearly represented in a timeline that that brings all those marketing channels into one view.


Social Media Engagement

How did your competitors perform on Facebook or Twitter? Just type in their profile IDs to see the same engagement metrics on their posts.


Executive Summary

The Executive Summary dashboard shows the most important KPIs (Key Performance indicators) of sales, website, marketing and customer experience. With this summary, you can see the important figures for section and draw comparisons with them and the previous period. Categories make it easier to understand your business from a variety of perspectives.

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